Former Dallas Cowboys Star Quarterback Seen Golfing with Ex-President Donald Trump

The once-clear boundaries separating church and state, as well as sports and politics, are increasingly becoming blurred.

Donald Trump

Recently, NFL figures have been visibly supporting their preferred presidential candidates. Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the New York Jets, grew so close to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. that he was rumored as a potential Vice Presidential pick.

Tony Romo's busy day: Ex-Cowboys QB golfs with Donald Trump, takes in Mavs  playoffs

Meanwhile, New York Giants legend Lawrence Taylor appeared at a Donald Trump rally in New Jersey. Furthermore, Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker, in a contentious commencement speech, criticized President Joe Biden, calling him “delusional.”

This crossover has highlighted the tribal divisions within the country. The directive to “stick to sports” is no longer straightforward. For instance, when NBA star LeBron James advocated for racial equality, he was infamously told by Fox TV host Laura Ingraham to “shut up and dribble.” However, Ingraham has remained silent on Butker’s controversial remarks, showing a selective response that varies depending on the speaker’s political alignment.


This trend continued last weekend in Dallas with a former Cowboys star. During a visit to speak at a National Rifle Association convention, Trump played golf with Tony Romo. A video surfaced online showing Trump and Romo on the golf course, which Trump himself referenced during his speech at the convention, praising Romo’s golfing skills over his football prowess.

Trump + Romo playing golf in Dallas this weekend 🤝 Wow #news #shorts #golf  #tonyromo

Trump’s visit ended as he left for his hush money trial in New York, while Romo, CBS’s top NFL analyst and the Cowboys’ all-time leader in passing yards and touchdowns, has shown previous support for Trump, having attended his inauguration.

Public reactions to their golf outing were sharply divided. Some criticized Romo’s ethics, while others celebrated the meeting as a gathering of “two great Americans.”

With the election still six months away, the intersection of sports and politics is likely to provoke more debates and divisions.

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