Fact Check: Debunking the Viral Rumor of Josh Allen Cheating on Brittany Williams with a Bartender

Speculations regarding the alleged breakup of Josh Allen and Brittany Williams started when she unfollowed the Buffalo Bills quarterback on Instagram. The Pilates instructor also removed all their pictures and all Bills references from her IG account.

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She also hinted at the breakup when she celebrated her recent birthday with close friends. Williams received a birthday cake with “#MHWN.” The hashtag refers to the podcast “My Husband Would Never.” She posted a photo of the cake with the caption:

“My girls spoil me”

Meanwhile, Allen did not post his annual birthday greetings or tributes to Williams. He wrote one during her special day when they started dating in 2017. He also doesn’t follow Williams anymore but does follow her mother.


While there are still photos of them together on Allen’s Instagram, the latest was in July 2022, when they vacationed in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Could this be the end of their relationship? While their online behavior suggests that they’ve parted ways, no one between Allen and Williams has publicly confirmed or denied the split. But a theory on how Allen cheated on Williams has surfaced.

Josh Allen's girlfriend: QB 'ghosted me' for a year after first date

Exploring why Josh Allen and Brittany Williams broke up

The tweet below indicated that Allen’s alleged infidelity became public when submitted to the Instagram celebrity gossip account deuxmoi. The screenshot shared reads:

“someone submitted to @deuxmoi that he got a bartender pregnant, and she broke up with him as she should.”

Josh Allen's girlfriend: QB 'ghosted me' for a year after first date

Unfortunately, verifying this claim is hard because no one knows the alleged bartender’s identity. Internet detectives would have unearthed who she was upon further digging. After all, it’s challenging to hide details if several people are invested in knowing the truth.

While there’s no validation behind this rumor, Williams seems to have moved on with her life without Allen. Meanwhile, Josh Allen will prepare for his sixth year with the Bills after a disappointing 2022 Divisional Round loss against the Cincinnati Bengals.

How Josh Allen and Brittany Williams became a couple

Allen and Williams have known each other since they were children. Allen even gave her a baseball he retrieved from a minor league baseball game next to his brother’s birthday party.

As they got older, Williams invited Josh Allen to be her date at a Sadie Hawkins high school dance. Unfortunately, the University of Wyoming standout did not reach out for a year.

“He ghosted me for a year, but at the same time, I was like, ‘OK, I get it, things are just not in our timing right now,’ I knew it wasn’t meant to be.”

Williams also revealed on a September 2022 episode of The Morning After podcast:

“I specifically remember [Allen] reaching out to me a whole year later and just randomly texting me, saying, ‘I messed up.’ And I’m like, ‘Dude, you haven’t talked to me in a year.’ But at the same time, I liked it,”

At the time, Allen was studying at Reedley College while Brittany Williams attended Fresno State. Allen tried to transfer to Fresno State but was denied. Instead, he went to Wyoming and played three seasons there.

They’ve been officially a couple since 2017, and Williams even attended some of Allen’s college football games. She was also alongside Allen when the quarterback was selected seventh overall by the Buffalo Bills in the 2018 NFL draft.

In 2019, Josh Allen and Brittany Williams lived together in a house they built in the Buffalo area. But she would likely move out without much buzz if the rumors were true.

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