Discovering the Woman Behind the NFL Star: George Kittle’s Marriage to Claire Kittle

Who Is George Kittle's Wife? All About Claire Kittle

“Everybody’s just happy, everybody’s just excited and just really blessed and emotional,” Claire Kittle said of her husband, George Kittle’s, appearance in the 2024 Super Bowl on February 11.

George has had the support of his wife throughout his NFL career. Everything to know about Claire and the couple’s relationship.

How Did George Kittle and His Wife Claire Meet?

George and Claire both attended the University of Iowa and were freshmen in 2012. In 2018, the pro athlete recalled his first impression of Claire, whom he first laid eyes on while outside his dormitory.

“I saw her and I was like, ‘Goddamn, who is that?’” George shared. “[My roommate] was like, ‘Oh, that’s Claire. Actually one of my friends says she’s a total bitch.’” George decided to find out for himself and approached his future wife. He revealed that he was then in the “friend zone” for eight months before the duo got together.

who is george kittles wife marriage to claire kittle
who is george kittles wife marriage to claire kittle

What Is George Kittle’s Wife Claire Job?

Claire majored in health and human physiology-exercise science and entrepreneurial management at the University of Iowa. She also played basketball in college but her career ended after a knee injury during her senior year.

Claire is a certified personal trainer and ran Claire Till Fitness in Iowa when she and George were living there. She also entered a bikini fitness competition in 2018.

Who Is George Kittle's Wife? All About Claire Kittle

Amid her husband’s successful NFL career, Claire has become a social media influencer who likes to “travel, take pics, repeat,” according to her Instagram bio. She also has a blog called LetteySetGo.

“I started this blog simply to share my story,” she shared. “To let people know who Claire is. However, it has evolved over the last few years into something a little more than that. I want to show and share with you, all of my tips & tricks, the should nots and would nots, the definitely’s and maybe’s, and all of the ins and outs I’ve learned in my 24 years on this earth.” The blog includes “travel inspo,” as well as “fashion and beauty creativity” and “anything and everything [Claire is] currently experiencing” in her life.

In her blog bio, Claire admitted that she struggled to decide what she wanted to do with her life after college. “You could say I had one or two young ‘midlife crises,’” she shared.

When Did George Kittle Marry His Wife Claire?

George and Claire got engaged in August 2018. The Iowa native’s proposal plans were almost derailed after he was injured during a preseason football game, though.

George’s cover story was that he and Claire needed to do a photo shoot for NFL couples. However, Claire became suspicious when she noticed how hard her husband was working to make sure the rehabilitation appointment for his knee was scheduled around the shoot.

The tight end’s mom stepped in and told Claire that a proposal wasn’t happening because the ring wasn’t ready yet. The influencer was completely shocked when she got to the photo shoot and saw what was actually happening.

George and Claire got married in April 2019 after eloping. “I had always looked up to those people who ran away and eloped or just walked right up to the courthouse and left married,” she shared. “Thought it was so cool! We knew football was starting up again and Lord knows nothing but football gets done during the football season, so we pulled the trigger and planned this wedding in a week!”

who is george kittles wife his marriage to claire kittle
who is george kittles wife his marriage to claire kittle

George’s dad was the officiant of the ceremony, which took place at a family friend’s jewelry store in Iowa.

After eloping, the couple made sure to still have a party where they could celebrate with more of their loved ones. The second wedding was originally planned for June 2020, but they postponed it to April 2021 amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Do George Kittle and His Wife Claire Have Kids?

George and Claire have a dog but they do not have kids. In February 2023, the travel enthusiast revealed that she had an ectopic pregnancy after initially finding out she was expecting a child on Christmas Day 2022. She found out the devastating news during a routine ultrasound on January 10, 2023.

“The nurse giving me my ultrasound went silent for a while and I asked, ‘I’m still early, there’s probably nothing to see yet right?’” Claire recalled. “She responded with, ‘I see a pregnancy here, it’s just not in the correct place, it’s ectopic.’ I felt my soul leave my body as I knew exactly what that meant.” Claire had surgery that night.

Where Do George Kittle and His Wife Live?

While George has to be in northern California during the football season, the couple resides in Nashville in the offseason. They bought a new home in Tennessee in April 2022 and often throw parties for their friends there.

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