Colin Kaepernick’s Love, Nessa, Boldly Weighs in on Will Smith and Jada Pinkett’s Unique Relationship: ‘Hasn’t Spoken to His Wife in 20 Years’


The couple of Colin Kaepernick and Nessa Diab is one for the romantic storybooks. Their love and affection have survived through all waves of political as well as public turmoil but grow more every day. Now that another controversial couple is in the spotlight, Nessa didn’t hold back on sharing her mighty fierce words about the bittersweet relationship.

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Colin Kaepernick has had one of the most inspiring stories in the NFL if not the saddest. He was released from the San Francisco 49ers in 2016 for taking a knee in support of ‘Black Lives Matter’ and went on to win his legal lawsuit against the NFL. Later, he never really returned to the sport again, and thus, was the last time we saw Kaepernick sport the number 7 jersey. Regardless of what has happened in his professional life, his wife Nessa has always stood by him to support him no matter what. She has truly been the rock by his side as he took the world by the horns. Since they have set the standards for true love and a healthy relationship, here’s Nessa Diab calling out the tumultuous relationship of the controversial Will Smith and Jada Smith.

The making of Colin Kaepernick: His stance remains a rallying cry

On the newest episode of the ‘Nessa on Air’ show, the hosts open up with heat as they discuss one of the most talked about couples in Hollywood- Jada and Will Smith. She called the two out for their lack of communication and claimed that it was only due to Jaden Smith’s efforts that the two could have a brief conversation about their situation.

Diab said, “This man hasn’t spoken to his wife in 20 years. They live in the same house, he was annoyed with her right? They haven’t spoken in 20 years and if it wasn’t for their son who basically brokered this meeting amongst him and his wife, you know, to have a family meeting, they probably still would not be on speaking terms. And what was disclosed in the family meeting was that the husband was jealous of the attention that the wife was giving their son.” The relationship between Will and Jada Smith has always been a controversial topic, but Nessa Diab expressed her views, which caught the eye of the fans. While this is an interesting conversation for an evening tea, Diab has a lot more on her plate as she is currently preparing for her upcoming book with Kaepernick himself, which is set to hit the bookstores in October 2024.

Colin Kaepernick and Nessa Diab are set to release We Are Free, You & Me, in October 2024

Kaepernick is an activist for the prominent movement of ‘Black Lives Matter’, so much so, that he put his entire career on the line for it. He wrote a book previously titled, ‘Change the Game’, which was rated 4.5/5 by Amazon. Moreover, he received a lot of critical acclamation for iterating his stories about growing up and achieving success in the face of struggle. And now, he is prepared to revolutionize the world yet again with his preachings, only this time, he will have his wife’s name on the cover as well.

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