Ceedee Lamb Girlfriend Crymson Rose, Are They Still Together?

Ceedee Lamb's Girlfriend

Ceedee Lamb is one of the most explosive players ever to set foot on the NFL field. His speed and spatial awareness are beyond exceptional, making him a well-rounded, and perhaps the best, wide receiver for the Cowboys.

The funny thing is that Lamb should be making headlines for his skills and for being drafted for the NFL. But instead, he made the news for an unrelated and slightly amusing reason.

A short video posted online went viral of him snatching his phone from Crymson Rose, his girlfriend. The viral clip, garnering millions of views in just a few hours, made the internet curious about Ceedee Lamb’s girlfriend.

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So, who is Crymson Rose? What’s her story? Are they still dating the NFL superstar? Keep reading, and let me tell you everything you should know about Ceedee Lamb’s girlfriend!

Who is Ceedee Lamb’s Girlfriend?

Ceedee Lamb's Girlfriend

While the clip made her an instant online celebrity, Crymson Rose is more than an average girlfriend to a famous athlete. She’s a model, content creator, and an athlete herself!

Crymson Rose was born on March 30, 1999, making her 25 years old as I write this post (March 2024). She grew up in Oklahoma and attended Norman North High School in Norman.

Her father was a running back for the OKC Sooners, who probably inspired her to become an athlete. Unfortunately, he passed away when she was only six due to a motorcycle accident.

After graduating, Crymson Rose went to the University of Oklahoma, where she continued her passion for playing basketball from high school.

Before meeting Lamb, Crymson Rose dated Trae Young, Atlanta Hawks point guard player. The two met in high school and dated for a few years in college before breaking up around 2018.

How Did Ceedee Lamb Met Crymson Rose?

How Did Ceedee Lamb Met Crymson Rose

Ceedee Lamb and Crymson Rose crossed paths due to their passion for sports. They were studying at the same institution and were both student-athletes.

The details surrounding their first meeting are scarce. But Crymson Rose was (apparently) a vocal fan of the school’s star wide receiver before they met face-to-face.

But why and how did Ceedee Lamb and his girlfriend go viral?

It was draft night in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Cowboy’s wide receiver was seen in the footage speaking on the phone (likely with a teammate) while holding another in his other hand.

He was sitting in a living room surrounded by family with his girlfriend beside him the whole time. While preoccupied with his talk, Crymson Rose decided to peek at the other phone and snatched it off Lamb’s hand.

Without missing a beat and with the quick reflexes of an athlete, Ceedee Lamb immediately grabbed the phone back from his girlfriend. He then shook his head in disapproval while Crymson Rose gave the camera a small, awkward smile.

Of course, the internet had a field day.

The viral video gained the attention and curiosity of Ceedee Lamb’s fans online. Speculations and humorous remarks flooded Twitter and Instagram.

People made memes about the apparent “distrust” in their relationship. Some made comments on how “effortless” Lamb snatched his phone back like “he’s done [it] before.”

Lamb and Rose Reacts to the Viral Video


As a responsible boyfriend should, Ceedee Lamb quickly quelled the rumors about the viral video. He told the internet to “chill out” and avoid making assumptions on a 13-second clip.

Lamb retweeted one of the meme videos and captioned, “Y’all really gotta chill wasn’t even like dat” with a thumbs-down emoji. The post received mixed responses from his fans.

“It was like that,” one fan replied. “Nah, dawg! We all saw it! Don’t be in a toxic relationship, man!” another Lamb follower noted.

Crymson Rose also reacted to the meme by clarifying what happened.

She tweeted, “His agent was face timing him while he was on the phone with the Cowboys,” and added that she was only doing the “girlfriend thing.”

Her point was that she was only trying to be a good girlfriend and answer his phone for him. Well, it sure was an important call, after all!

Naturally, some of Rose Crymson’s friends were quick to her defense. Some pointed out that Rose has a “heart of gold,” and if the people knew her, they “wouldn’t be on her” like they did.

Attempting to hush the noise, Lamb and Rose tweeted and retweeted posts about their excitement about Lamb’s NFL achievement. According to TMZ, the two also shared a kiss live on Instagram.

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