Alegría desatada: la transformación del dóberman abandonado revela una felicidad incontenible después del rescate

Unfortunately, the world seems to keep failing pups over and over again.

The number of abandoned and neglected dogs keeps rising, and the shelters are completely jam-packed with puppers who need help.

Luckily, there are still good people out there who are determined to help every single animal in need and show them that they can still lead a happy and loving life.

One such hooman is Donna, a rescuer from St. Louis who, with countless rescues under her belt, does everything she can to ensure that every doggo feels the love they deserve.

Finally Rescued

When a neighbor noticed an abandoned Doberman wandering in a random backyard, they immediately decided to contact Donna Lochmann, chief life-saving officer with Stray Rescue of St. Louis (SRSL).

Donna immediately responded to the call and made her way down to the location.

“We do not see many Dobermans. I was kind of surprised. I do not know if he was dumped in this neighborhood or what. But he was in a rough shape,” Donna told The Dodo.

Luckily, this incredible doggo did not resist being leashed, as if he knew that he was finally being rescued.

He was so weak that he couldn’t even jump into the car, but thankfully, he did allow Donna to pick him up and put him inside.

As soon as she had him inside, the little team made their way down to the St. Louis rescue shelter.

At The Shelter

As soon as he arrived at SRSL, the entire staff immediately fell in love with him.

Their hearts broke when they saw the state of this incredibly sweet boy who, whenever he got the chance, went in to get some hugs and pets.

The staff gave this beautiful boy, later named Albus Dumbledore, a head-to-tail checkup.

The checkup revealed that he had a big, open tumor and an upper respiratory infection. He was also severely malnourished and had no appetite.

The shelter staff did everything they could to treat him, but what Albus really needed was a loving foster home that would provide him with more individualized and personal care.

Luckily, that’s exactly what he got.

The time spent with his foster truly helped Albus get back on his paws. After only four months, he completely transformed into a happy and healthy pup.

“He looks like a Doberman now, slender with no ribs showing. His appetite is great and he is getting more comfortable with touch. He’s always been affectionate, but he didn’t like to be touched in some places. He is learning new things every day even though he’s so excited and is distracted easily,” wrote the SRSL on a Facebook post.

The transformation that this pup got – going from extremely malnourished to happy and healthy – is all thanks to the dedication, love, and admiration of incredible human beings.

Without them, who knows what would have happened to sweet Albus.

That is why I would like to take this opportunity to thank every single rescuer who dedicates their time and life to helping animals such as Albus and showing them that there is still a family who will love and appreciate them just like they deserve.

Thank you!

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